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Ruth Walter Calls on Gordon burrows to Disavow the nRA

***Press Release***




WESTCHESTER, NY - Ruth Walter, candidate for County Legislator in Westchester's 15th District, today urged her opponent, longtime politician Gordon Burrows, to disavow pro-gun extremist groups like the NRA and WCFOA, and no longer accept their political support.


"This weekend's horrific terrorist attack in El Paso and massacre in Dayton are heart-wrenching, all the more so because this kind of violence is preventable. The victims, their loved ones, and all our heroic first responders who put themselves at risk deserve leaders with the courage and integrity to stand up to gun extremists by taking action to prevent future death, destruction, and heartbreak," said Walter. 


Burrows, a longtime GOP fixture in County government, accepted the endorsement of the Westchester County Firearms Owners Association in his previous elections[1][2]. The WCFOA is a local, NRA-like pro-gun organization that opposes common-sense gun laws, including opposing banning gun shows at the County-owned Convention Center even though such shows included neo-Nazi and confederate paraphernalia. 


"The NRA and their allies have twisted our constitution and vigorously opposed common-sense gun laws that would keep our communities safer. Week after week, year after year, we keep experiencing these preventable mass shooting only because there are too many politicians afraid to stand up for what's rights. It's been too many killings for too long, and it's time for people like Mr. Burrows to finally admit that they were wrong and reject the NRA and the WCFOA," said Walter. 


"Some in the GOP will call for more thoughts and prayers; others will try to avoid the issue by saying this is not the time to talk about new gun laws. But this is exactly the time we need to speak out about the damage done by the NRA and its supporters, and take action to stop weapons of war from being used in our communities. If Mr. Burrows does anything less than fully reject the support of groups like the NRA or the WCFOA, he is showing his true colors," she said.


[1] http://wcfoany.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/VOTEINFO15.pdf

[2] http://www.pcfga.org/legislative/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/VoterGuide2013.pdf




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