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To my friends and constituents:

I come from a large family. We knew what it was like to budget and to put education and housing at the top of the list. I am proud to have raised my children in a great community, and to have spent 12+ years cultivating connections with both the business community and public officials that keep our community running. As a local businessperson, I prioritize customers and high quality products. My local government has supported our efforts and makes it a great partnership. I want to continue to take this cooperation to the County Level.

Let's keep Westchester moving by continuing to support the high-quality schools, parks and dedicated police and fire departments that keep Westchester working. Our educated workforce brings businesses to Westchester, helps these businesses grow, and ultimately keeps them here. I want to be a representative that helps these businesses grow and amplifies the voices of my constituents in their local government. This campaign is one shaped by your ideas and driven by your hopes for a better county. Thank you.   

Yours truly,






This district is a historically beautiful and unique area of our state. Working with legislators across the County, Ruth has fought to keep our water clean, our air clear, and our environment pure. She has continued to support environmental reform at the county level by partnering with the County Government's Climate Crisis Task Force and reputable environmental organizations such as the Federated Conservationists of Westchester County and by adding funding for both a Bronx River Watershed hydrology study and for the cleaning of the Sprain Brook channel.

As a small business owner and library president, Ruth has worked with both municipal and private sector budgets. Going line by line is vital when considering what our district must pay for through taxes, and every dollar counts. Legislator Walter successfully advocated for various community based organizations to be funded in the County Operating Budget and others totaling over $330,000. These funds will be used to reflect our values: establish or continue community gardens, environmental mitigation, youth employment, educate students on healthy relationships, and support first time, low-income mothers.
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As a small business owner in Westchester, Ruth is always looking at the bottom line. Without hard work and careful cost-cutting, small businesses will go under. We need responsible and careful stewardship of our tax dollars in White Plains. No project should go forward that isn’t a good investment in our communities, and no budgetary tricks should be pulled on the taxpayers of our county.

Ruth, along with the rest of the Board has decreased taxes overall for the people of Westchester. They equalized the sales tax of Westchester County to Yonkers’ sales tax of 8.25%. In addition, tax exemptions have been granted to volunteer firefighters and ambulance services members and have increased for veterans.




Like all mothers, Ruth wants her children to be prepared to work and live in the new economy. Whether it's her kids or yours, our children need to be given the support they deserve. Through her advocation for community based organizations such as the Andrus School, the One Love Foundation, and the Yonkers Public Library, Ruth has shown her dedication to the betterment of resources available for the youth of our county. 



Whether you live on Palmer Road in Yonkers or Garden Avenue in Bronxville, you know that our district has a chronic problem with flooding. By working with local planning boards, Ruth has been able to allocate $450,000 of the 2021 Capital Budget towards climate resilient measures to confront chronic flooding in District 15. The primary projects involve $250,000 in funding for a Bronx River Watershed hydrology study and an additional $200,000 for the cleaning of the Sprain Brook channel. 

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Online retail poses stiff competition to traditional small retail in our district. Ruth recognizes this and supports the creation of a business-improvement district on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers. We need to stand up for our local businesses, and help them prepare to thrive among a new, technology-based economy. During the pandemic, Legislator Walter distributed PPE to various organizations in Yonkers and Bronxville, including, Asbury Church, Bundles of Joy, Andrus, Crestwood Lake Apartments and many more.


Ruth knows that COVID-19 impacted everyone in her district. During the pandemic, the board used CARES Act funds to enter into inter-municipal agreements granting seniors nutrition and support services. These included food delivery services, in-home shopping and support, and repair and vehicle expenses. Ruth explained to seniors in the Yonkers NNORC and Bronxville Senior Citizens via Zoom how to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail, delivered PPE when it was needed, and worked on ensuring that our parks would be clean and improved so that families were still able to get out of the house and spend time outside.

Do you believe in Ruth's vision?

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