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2021 Endorsements

RW Stewart-Cousins Endorsement FB.png

Andrea Stewart-Cousins

From her passage of the first Human Rights Commission in Westchester County to her years of able and effective leadership in Albany, taking on important legislation work to improve the lives of all New Yorkers, Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins has been a bastion of democracy. 

RW Chuck Schumer Endorsement FB.png

Chuck Schumer

“As a hard-working small business owner, loving mother of two, and 14-year resident of Bronxville serving on multiple community boards, Ruth Walter has worn many important hats over the years. During her first term representing District 15, Ruth played a key role in Westchester County’s COVID-19 response efforts through her leadership chairing the County Legislature’s Committee on Health and the Environment. Ruth and I have teamed up on important initiatives like increasing funding for St. John’s Hospital in Yonkers and expanding the Child Tax Credit to lift children in her district out of poverty. Ruth has the experience, skill, and passion needed to continue delivering real results to working families and businesses in the Village of Bronxville and Yonkers,”

said Senator Schumer. “I am pleased to endorse Ruth Walter’s reelection to the County Legislature this year so she can continue her important work of fighting for Bronxville and Yonkers residents as we look to recover from this pandemic and thrive.” 

Walter is running on the Democratic, Independence, Green, and Working Families party lines and has received several endorsements from local elected officials, labor unions, political groups. 

“I am deeply honored to be endorsed by Senator Charles Schumer. As your County Legislator, I’ve championed innovative solutions to our most pressing issues. My colleagues and I invested in the Yonkers wastewater treatment plant to keep our water clean, Senior Fitness Parks to keep our community active and healthy and a noise camera pilot program to address chronic noise and make our roads safe. As your County Legislator, I will follow through on my commitment to improve the well-being of our residents, small businesses, and the environment," said County Legislator Ruth Walter. 

RW Kristen Gillibrand Endorsement FB.png

Kirsten Gillibrand

"Ruth Walter is the leader we need to continue to represent us on the Westchester County Board of Legislators," said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. "As Chair of the Environment & Health Committee, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, she focused attention not only on the needs of her constituents in District 15, but worked to improve the health and safety of all Westchester residents through regular guidance on the science of virus prevention and vaccinations. Ruth has advocated millions in capital projects to benefit her district, including senior fitness parks, bottle-refill stations and flood mitigation. She secured critical direct support funds for local organizations while helping individuals and small businesses connect with needed resources at the County & State level. Now, more than ever, we need Ruth Walter in the Westchester County Board of Legislators. I encourage voters to keep the momentum going and to re-elect Ruth Walter as County Legislator for District 15. 


Shelley Mayer

Senator Mayer has spent her two terms on a host of measures to improve the lives of New Yorkers. She is a highly skilled legislator with deep ties to her communities and is known for advocating successfully for students, ensuring that schools serving the state’s most vulnerable students received increased funding from the state. Due to her ability to deliver for our students, Senator Shelley was appointed to serve as the Chair of the State Senate Education Committee in 2019.

I’m grateful to have such a strong mentor in the State Senate. Not only does it make me a more informed Legislator, but having relationships in government is crucial in being effective. Nothing passed in government is done alone. I’m proud to say that state legislation I have advocated for (Red Flag Notification) passed both houses due to my ability to cultivate relationships on my Board and beyond.

RW Anthony Nicodemo Endorsement FB.png

Anthony Nicodemo

Mr. Nicodemo is a man who wears many hats. He is the President of the Hudson Valley Stonewall Democrats, as well as the Athletic Director, educator and union president in the Greenburgh-North Castle School District. 

Mr. Nicodemo's level of commitment to our youth and broader community is something I try to replicate in my duties as County Legislator. 


Mayor Mike Spano

Mike Spano oversaw the evolution of Yonkers to the 3rd largest city in New York. Mayor Spano's hard work protecting the City's health during COVID, improving the environment through solar initiatives and innovative road surfaces, supporting small businesses and investing in our infrastructure has been rewarded with Yonkers being ranked the safest city of its size in America and in the Top 100 Best Cities in which to live. 


County Executive George Latimer

Collaborating with County Executive Latimer during the COVID-19 pandemic as a member of the Board meant timely information and relief delivered to residents and businesses, helping Westchester’s economy rebound. As County Executive, he kept Departments running smoothly during unprecedented times, delivered a successful Census 2020 count, invested in our infrastructure and cut the property tax levy! I look forward to building on our successes in my second term.

RW Omayra Andin Endorsement FB.png

Mayor Omayra Andino

Mayor Andino is a trailblazer, as the first person of color to lead the Village of Tuckahoe. Andino is a NYACK college alumna and the CEO of the non-profit, Institues of Applied Human Dynamics. The $60M 501(C)(3) provides life services to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) as well as for their families. The journeys that Mayor Andino and I each took to elected office are similar. Political life wasn't our first calling. But not seeing our values represented in local government served as a call for action. With real life experience of employing members of our community, paying taxes, and invigorating our economies, we are well positioned to lead. 


Chairman Ben Boykin

Ben has been a wonderful mentor during my first term. He was a supporter of my funding for a $125,000 sound camera Pilot program on the Bronx River Parkway to decrease noise in adjacent neighborhoods. Chair Boykin was also all-in for my addition to the Capital budget of $1,000,000 to build senior fitness parks across Westchester with the first in District 15 to ensure seniors can enjoy our great outdoors while staying healthy! Under Chair Boykin's leadership during COVID, the Board did not miss one meeting in 2020-2021 and pivoted seamlessly to virtual meetings. 

RW  Corazon Pineda-Isaac Endorsement FB.png

Corazon Pineda-Isaac

The Council Majority Leader's endorsement comes as recognition of our shared values: above all, service to others. Civic engagement has been a vital part of my adult life. Before I was elected Westchester County Legislator, I served as Bronxville Court Clerk, Treasurer of Aquehung, the Yonkers Democratic Women's Club and Bronxville Public Library Board President. Ms. Pineda was first elected to Yonkers City Council at age 25 and has continued her success as a local leader. Civic engagement is our shared passion. Working with capable, focused public officials like Ms. Pineda, I will continue the work of making Westchester healthier, more prosperous, and more unified.  

RW MaryJane Shimsky Endorsement FB (1).png

Mary Jane Shimsky

Legislator Shimsky's leadership on the Board during COVID has kept our message clear: Our economic recovery is based on containing COVID. She is the former Chair of the Committee on Public Works and knows the infrastructure of the Country government. Legislator Shimsky and I both know we can balance our budget without cutting the vital services that help make Westchester a great place to live by looking for ways to save and increasing efficiency. In my first term I presided on a Board that did exactly that. Our Board voted to lower the County property tax levy overall while maintaining services at a high level. 

RW BXVillle Village Trustees Endorsement FB.png

Bill Fredericks and Mary Taylor Behrens

Village Trustees provide oversight to the Village of Bronxville, ensuring we are in good financial standing. They also listen to residents’ concerns and work to pass laws that make life better in the Village. Since they were elected, Trustees Behrens and Fredericks have worked together with me to access County resources on a range of issues, including flood mitigation, joining the County Consortium, walkability of our streets and more. Together, we share the goal of raising the quality of life for everyone in Bronxville and surrounding communities. When local leaders are in sync and clearly communicate, our shared constituents' best interests are served. I look forward to more joint projects to come!


Assemblymember Nader Sayegh

Assemblymember Nader Sayegh's leadership and partnership in the Assembly has been so helpful to our shared constituents. During COVID last year, he helped our shared constituents file and receive unemployment benefits that kept their families afloat. When state and county officials have aligned interests government can act more quickly on behalf of our constituents. In my second term, I'm eager to continue our work to build a more inclusive, healthy, and prosperous state with Assemblyman Sayegh.


Assemblymember Amy Paulin

Assemblywoman Paulin and I worked together when she sponsored a common sense gun safety bill I put forward to the state. With her support, I look forward to working with Assemblywoman Paulin when advocating for District 15!  

RW Sierra Club Endorsement FB.png

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is an entirely volunteer run organization and the largest grassroots environmental organization in our country! In their commitment to sustainability the Sierra Club promotes good local policies to improve the health of our air, water and food, evaluates the efficacy of local public policy, and encourages sustainable practices. I'm proud to have my work as a legislator merit their recognition and support. 



1199SEIU is the largest healthcare union in the nation with over 450,000 members. 1199 is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) which has over 2 million members and is the largest labor union in North America. 1199’s 450,000+ members are the among the best healthcare professionals who deliver our children, care for our sick and elderly, fight against COVID and much more. Since their founding in 1931, 1199 has been a bastion for economic, social and healthcare equity. Dr. King called 1199 “the authentic conscience of the labor movement.” 1199SEIU’s endorsement is recognition of how as your Legislator I have upheld our common values by prioritizing the best information to reduce the spread of disease and flatten the curve. Healthcare workers truly have been heroes during the pandemic, and we owe them our best efforts to reduce the number and severity of cases. 

RW 32BJ SEIU Endorsement FB.png


32BJ SEIU's presence in New York dates back over 100 years in which time they amassed over 80,000 union members. This diverse union is made up of building janitors, security officers, window cleaners, theater and stadium cleaners, and public school workers among other professions. I have known many members and organizers of 32BJ SEIU, and to a person they are committed to highest standard of work most notably during COVID, taking on essential cleaning work. Unions like 32BJ SEIU are politically engaged to ensure they can work in an active and secure jobs. Westchester county legislators do not negotiate contracts directly, but we support the standards of work that 32BJ SEIU works for--things like paid sick leave.


Communication Workers of America - Local 1103

CWA LOCAL 1103 represents workers in Broadband/Telecommunications, Healthcare and the public sector. Last year, I was proud to offer testimony regarding the need to increase the local workforce in the vital Broadband/Telecommunications field to serve our community in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Isiais and the Covid-19 Pandemic that proved that these services are not optional but essential to our schools, work and daily lives. With CWA workers on the job, telecommunication and Broadband are handled by trained professionals living close at hand. These jobs must be maintained and staffed at adequate levels to respond to our increasingly difficult storm environment, the current pandemic, as well as bridging the digital divide.


New York StateNurses Association

New York State Nurses Association is NY's largest association for nurses. In addition to supporting their members on the front line of health in NY, NYSNA advocates for the wellbeing of their colleagues and their fellow New Yorkers on issues like #SafeStaffing. With me, healthcare workers have an ally in office. I've provided funding to maternity organizations and moved the needle on many of their initiatives to improve maternal outcomes, especially for Black moms. Together, we can realize our goals of a healthier, safer community.


New York League of Conservation Voters

Hurricane Ida has destroyed homes and taken lives in a severe storm. It is no longer a question whether climate change is coming: it is here. Elected officials must respond to this urgency to build stress-proof infrastructure. The League of Conservation Voters evaluates and selects environmentally conscious candidates. This endorsement comes as recognition of my support for clean energy transportation, flood mitigation on our waterways, and sustainable waste removal. Like the NYLCV, I too approach public policy with the longterm impact in mind. In my first term as your County Legislator I’ve had the privilege of fighting for investment in our public infrastructure, including bridges, roadways and the Yonkers Wastewater treatment plant. Join me in bringing about a future that’s clean, healthy, and resilient.


Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers

WCCFT is the union that represents teaching faculty, librarians, counselors, and Academic Support Center coordinators. As a former Library Trustee and President, I fully embrace enhancing the professional lives of our public educators. 

Having a well-regarded Community College is one of Westchester County's greatest strengths. As a local employer, I know the advantage of living around well-prepared young people!

RW Yonkers Times Endorsement FB.png

Yonkers Times

"Ruth Walter is a thoughtful, hard working legislator, who has suggested new ideas while working to make sure that constituents in her district get their fair share of county budget dollars. 

Walter has shown herself to be willing to listen to all people in her district, including those who live in Yonkers, and she did not forget them during this pandemic."

RW Hispanic Democrats of Westchester Endorsement FB.png

Hispanic Democrats of Westchester

Westchester is home to a growing number of Hispanic residents. This campaign season, your members have shown up in great numbers to ensure representation in our political discourse. Let's build on our gains and continue to advocate for the health and prosperity of our communities. 

RW Carpenters Endorsement FB.png

United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 279

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters represent over 29,500 member who are dedicated to their craft and who set the highest standards for skills in the construction industry. They believe in developing and maintaining intelligent labor laws that can serve honest workers and honest employers. Their Council will always work to ensure and preserve fair labor standards and fight for sustainable capital construction programs which can create jobs and stimulate the economy. At the same time, they understand it is necessary to protect our members from proposals which would weaken their ability to secure work at appropriate wages. 

Do you believe in Ruth's vision?

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